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For many of us, thinking about our car’s maintenance is not always a top priority. Here at Santa Fe Mazda, we want you to know that by simply getting your car’s regular maintenance done on time, you will likely be preventing major service issues from happening in the future.

So, how do you know what you actually need to do, and when? The easiest way to learn is by first, reading your owner’s manual—you know that big book that came with your car. The manual will have a nicely laid-out schedule that will tell you when you need to have certain maintenance done, this is typically measured by miles or months.

Routine maintenance includes simple tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotations, belt changes, fluid checks, battery maintenance, filter changes, and more.

While you may feel like the cost of routine maintenance adds up quickly, think of it more as an investment in your car. The money you spend now can help you save big bucks down the road. For example, your spark plugs are relatively small parts in your car that need to be inspected and changed every so often. If you ignore a bad spark plug, it could potentially cause your catalytic converter to fail, which is a very costly repair.

Regular maintenance can also help preserve the value of your car. When the time comes to trade it in or sell it, a well-maintained car will be worth more than one that has maintenance issues.

Your safety is another reason to have your vehicle service regularly. With routine maintenance, service technicians can do simple inspections of critical components, such as your brakes, tires, and other important safety features to make sure they are performing like they should and are in a well-maintained state.

If you feel like your car has fallen behind on its maintenance, Schedule Service Appointment with us today here at Santa Fe Mazda. We’ll get you and your car back on track.


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